Espiritu Santo is the largest island in Vanuatu and located in the northern part of the island group.  Vanuatu is located between Fiji to the east, Australia to the west, New Caledonia to the south and the Solomon Islands to the north.   See maps.

Vanuatu is rich in culture and war history.  The first settlers made a long ocean voyage to arrive in Vanuatu 3,000 years ago.  An interesting look at the early culture and later development is found here.

Espiritu Santo is situated in Northern Vanuatu (formerly the New Hebrides) was a critical forward base in the War of the Pacific and over 45,000 US troops were stationed here.  Today the wrecks and ruins are popular tourist sites.  Read James Michener's Tales of the South Pacific for a romantic look at wartime Santo and Peter Stone's The Lady and the President gives a thorough and up to date look at the war history of Santo.

Espiritu Santo offers a variety of options for the adventure traveler, diver and holiday maker.  Santo is best known for scuba diving but that is only one of the opportunities available.  Santo also offers activities from the extreme like cave exploration and rugged bush walks to the widely accessible like river floats and WWII tours.  All activities in Santo feature one common characteristic, groups are small and very personalized.

There has been a recent increase in interest in bird watching and remote destination tourism.  Northern Vanuatu offers truly unique experiences in these areas.  A primer on bird spotting  in Vanuatu is available at Vanuatu Birds Online and a good independent guide to Vanuatu remote bungalows is available at Aelan Walkabaot Long Vanuatu.

To get here you need to fly from Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji or the Solomon Islands.  Learn more about flights here.  For a complete look at Vanuatu tourism go to The Vanuatu Tourism Association.


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