Sport Fishing

Santo is known for diving, adventure and cultural diversity but few people think of fishing.  This will likely change in the future but for now it is an undiscovered fishing paradise. 

Seascape Fishing Charters offers a full range of fishing options to suit beginner to big game fisherman.  Sport fishing is offered by Aore Island Resort, Bokissa Eco Island Resort, Coral Quays Resort,  and Allan Power Dive Tours    Other hotels and resorts can arrange a fishing charter through Seascape Fishing Charters or with a local guide and boat.


We catch all species of tropical pelagic fish but we primarily catch large Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna and Marlin.  Because our local fishing grounds are so lightly fished there is always an abundance of large game fish available for the sport fisherman.

Our sea mounts and and offshore reefs that provide the best fishing opportunities are no more than 20 miles from Luganville and Bokissa has a very productive sea mount just a few miles from their jetty.


Today only boats of 7 to 9 meters are used for sport fishing so the weather has to be right.  Because the number of boats are limited it is best to book ahead.  You might also like to bring your favorite lures and even a rod if you are picky.

Hooking a big marlin is usually the ultimate fishing experience but we also have some very large tuna that can fight longer and harder than most marlin.  I personally have a fishing boat and I have frequently hooked up a big tuna that breaks the line before we can land it.  We have fought tuna for over an hour and then failed to land it.  It is frustrating and we might not be the best fisherman but we have a lot of fun and it makes for good stories.

I am holding the tuna in this picture.  Garry Grady of Aore Island Resort next to me caught this beautiful striped marlin.  We normally let the marlin go but striped marlin are reasonable to eat so we kept this one.


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